Check Your Domain Ownership - It Will Save, Time Money and Sleepless Nights

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It's funny what greed can do to some people. To frame that statement let me tell you a short story about a company we have been working with. They are a trusting company - who had some years ago employed a web developer to create their second website. This designer was friends with the family who owned the business and therefore was deemed to be "trustworthy". It had transpired that the previous web company had registered the domain name of the company into their own company name - therefore taking legal title to the domain but "charging the client" yearly to "use" the domain. This had been news to the client as they thought all along that they had title to the domain.

Enter the apparent knight in shining armour - who managed to broker a deal to get the title of the domain for the client. You have probably already guessed that the "knight" had in fact changed the details into his own name - again scuppering the client when - fast forward 3 years we came on the scene, he pulled the same stunt. This time however the demands were so ridiculous that they have had to buy new domain names and start again.

The moral of the story is to ensure that you have checked who owns YOUR DOMAIN - do it today. Go onto any website that checks domains: for exmaple and look to see if YOU own the domain. If not - find out who does and have a sensible conversation about getting the title changed to your name.

Having spoken to Nominet - it is very difficult to successfully claim a domain is yours without the courts and a LOT of money. There are some things that can be done and can sometimes work out OK - but normally - getting it right the first time is key to success.

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