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Adding photos and video footage to your website is important as this helps the customer visualise how things work a… https://t.co/SYzs9keXi1


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Search Engine Optimisation - The Cambridge Specialists

As leaders in search engine optimisation Cambridge based IT Genetics are currently working with many businesses in and around the area on their websites to improve search engine rankings. Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation is a way of getting your website found for the right search terms. With a lot of talk around Googles search engine algorithms (like Hummingbird and Penguin) people have become alarmed - and in some cases rightly so. But in the main we work with a common sense approach with out clients.

We find out the search terms that best define their business - matched with terms that people who are looking would type.

We then work out a plan as to how to achieve more visibility and a higher page ranking for that search term. Some are easier and faster than others - but all of our clients benefit from a high level of customer service.

Don't be the best kept secret in Cambridge - talk to us about Search Engine Optimisation

We provide our clients with monthly seo services reports and also what we will be doing in the next month. This, we have found helps our clients  to know exactly what we are doing and when. We have often found that this service compliments our web design service and have secured many happy and loyal customers as a result. If your website would benefit from being found more easily, then check out our special offer:


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